And Again

I don’t like when strangers touch me. I was at a bar recently and having a perfectly friendly conversation with a guy until he grabbed my arms and told me liked my ‘tatties’.


Uhm, “tatties” sounds too much like something else for my tastes.. so someone saying to you “I like your tatties” may seem rude or vulgar.
Apart the arm grabbing thing, of course.

haha, i loved your comic. I always get the urge to show other tattooed people my tat because it isn’t in an obvious place (lower back to the right) but i suppress it most of the times. Maybe it’s because, when i do show them, i always mistake the side of my back with the one with no tattoo on!! you should put that in the tattoo etiquette series!!

Meh, these people don’t bother me too much. When people see their tattoo’s, and compare them to proper tattoo’s….everyone comes to the same conclusion.

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