A Valentine

I live on the East coast of Canada and I made this comic for our local alt weekly. They ran it on their Facebook page and website. I love my hometown, you guys!


Woah! So I’ve been reading (and loving) your comics and I never even considered the fact your be close to home or Canadian or anything. (I pictured some busy New Yorker) I’m from PEI! Just thought I’d say its really cool there are maritime artists and people like you and that your stuff is great, and it’s cool to think the wonderfulnees is being produced so close to home if I were a creepy stalker can it’d be like “OMG MAYBE WE’VE SEEN TGE SAME SEAGUL SHE PROBABLY TOTALLY SAW THAT SAME CLOUD TODAY!!!’ But I’m not crazy like that so hope you have a lovely day :)

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