A long story

This started small, a thing I drew late at night, and kept growing and growing until I made it stop. Even the people who share what seems like everything with the world need some secrets.


Wow, I am going through the same thing – I just became single a few weeeks ago and I am finding myself. I am much more boring than you are but what I found out so far is 1) I’m very lonely and want to cuddle with someone and 2)I’m awesome and I’ll be ok :p

Thank you for putting this so eloquently. I just recently got out of a seven year relationship and have found it difficult to describe to others how I feel. It’s wonderful to see it artfully put as both the slightly sad, but utterly hopeful and wonderful experience that rediscovering who you are is.

I love you! And this! And …sorry, i’ve been drinking. I just moved out of the house I shared with my long-term partner, and – it’s weird. I’m learning to be a free agent again, and I’m happier being single – but it’s going to take some time remembering how to be better again.

Hey, just recently started reading your comics. I really like this one, and I REALLY like that, specifically, you made it. I went through pretty much the same thing two years ago, but immediately after finding myself (or losing myself) single I moved to Halifax, which is where I did all my soul-searching and self-discovery. That’s what Halifax was and is to me, the place where I got to know myself. So the fact that you made this comic makes me double-smile!

Wow. This is… timely. My four-year relationship just ended this past Sunday (as amicably as possible, we still will be friends, etc. but jaysus it’s sad and hard), and this comic really soothed me. I’ve seen your work circulating on tumblr for a while now, but today I read through your archives for the first time because of this comic, and man, I love what you do! I’m glad to see you’re getting back in the groove, and I wish you all the best.

I’m still in a relationship, but I want to go through the rediscovering process without having to lose my significant other to do it. thank you for reminding me to be ME, not just half of a couple. :)

This is quite beautifully and simply put. While at times being newly single can be hard, there is joy in rediscovering yourself. Enjoy your journey, I know the strangeness won’t last. You are far too full of awesome to be down long. Thank you for sharing and I, for one, welcome the return of the art.

I think this is brilliant. I’ve been with my significant other for a bit under a year now, but i still remember what it’s like having to be “just you” after being “us”, and it can be a lonely and sometimes bitter. I’m glad you found a way to put these feelings into words, and positive words at that. Brilliant.

am accepting that life is so much better off without him and hope to feel this way constantly. comics like this help ALOT.

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