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This is fantastic! She did a great job making it feel like your comics.
(now for a real comment!)

In terms of identity: it just seems like an unnecessary label that people seem to want to attach themselves to. I view it the same way I do when someone says they’re from a certain culture. Because that culture is a part of them, they want to share it. I’ve heard it said they want to make it known they are a part of a culture, and it’s because people want to be a part of that club.

I genuinely apologize if what I’m saying comes off as sounding like I’m diminishing what you’ve said above. I just like discussions!
I’m not trying to diminish your thoughts, and your opinions, because without them your comics wouldn’t exist. And I really enjoy your comics. They talk about a lot of things I’ve never really thought about before. And I enjoy thinking, so I will always be reading them!

The fact that you’ve loved, and had personal relationships with all kinds of people, no matter how they identify, makes you a much more open person than most. I know plenty of people, myself included, who accept people for who they are, but if it comes to having a more personal, even intimate, relationship with them I’d probably shy away.
But if you enjoy the company of the person, and you’re happy with them, nothing else should matter.
I’m sure you know all this already, but I just wanted to comment because I really enjoy reading your comics, and I hope I get the chance to meet you in person, someday! If you ever come down to the land below Canada, or I ever get the chance to go up, I’ll be sure to visit TCAF!

Definitely check out TCAF! Even if I’m not at a table next year, I’ll probably go anyway. It’s such a fantastic festival.

And thanks for the comments/support! Getting this site up has really been a process. The web designer, Lissa, is a miracle worker.

I feel the same way!! I have yet to have had a sexual encounter with a woman, but I know I’ve like girls and boys since I was 15. But I keep feeling this pressure to ‘prove’ myself. Although people say that labels are unnecessary, there is definitely comfort in them. If I were gay, I could just tell people and be ok with it. If I were straight, it would be assumed. But for whatever reason, bisexuality will always seem like something bad and weird, something that isn’t worth telling while simultaneously being who you are. It is a very frustrating thing!! I officially identify as bisexual. I like girls, I like boys. I’m sure if I met the right trans person, they’d fit in there. But for now, I’m going to try and make that work for me, so that people realize that I have a right to have my sexual preference as much as any other person, gay or straight.

It’s a weird place! Always sort of feels like sitting on the fence. Sounds like you’ve got yourself figured out, though! That’s what matters.

I find pansexual to be a pretty cozy niche of the non-junk-attracted-persuasion. But you’re right it doesn’t seem to foster the same community as other orientations.

I just want to say that I love your comics! I feel like this one sums up the questions I’ve been asking and the feelings I’ve been having my entire life. I’m attracted to so many different kinds of people it’s almost overwhelming. I especially find that I’m more attracted to intelligence, thinkers, philosophers, take-life-by-the-horns-and-go types of people and sex has almost nothing to do with it. At time’s I’ve felt my preferences were not legitimate…and even though I’ve never been in a relationship with a woman, every time I’m with a man it’s all I can think about wanting. Sometimes its so frustrating! But I feel relief knowing that other people feel this way too. Making it work for you, for me, and for everyone that identifies this way.

This is sweet, and cute, and I love it. It sort of sums up what it’s like to be trans. Big hug! See you at MeCAF?

There’s not always a light bulb, just so you know. It may seem like that but sometimes it’s just society demanding that we label ourselves. You don’t need a label unless you want one.

I honestly feel the same way-really this sums up my life thus far. I should probably get my friends to look at this too, and maybe then they’ll actually understand what it’s like (dang straight people)

I’m by as well, though a guy, and while I’ve been open to a few people(2) I for the most part hide it. Not sure how to tell people, or how they’d react. Honestly not sure why I’m posting this, maybe hoping for advice, or just to say it somewhere, idk really. But as well, I understand what you’re saying and often feel so myself, about 80% of the time, just wishing it could be so black&white for me, simple, no grey. The other 20% of the time I’m bragging in my head how I have twice the oppertunities of them, which is kinda dumb I guess since dating and affection aren’t about numbers in or of the least, but more of luck, emotion, and rationality. This comment is a lot different and longer than I meant it to be…

I’m frustratingly me. Some think I’m “good” because I’m socially paranoid, and the idea of inflicting myself on another human being scares me – so my sexuality is more or less A despite the fact that anyone who . Annoyingly enough, I don’t really care about personal gain, and I don’t really feel emotionally inclined towards myself. I’m nearly 19, and it’s comforting to see a webcomic from someone who’s grown out of the angst who also has the ability to talk about said angst.

I really enjoy your webcomic: your people don’t have a lot of sharp angles, you express a lot of emotion through character faces, and your colors work very well to set a tone. Plus you word it very well.

Sorry for partially off-topic discussing this comic. It’s an interesting comic.

Maybe that time never comes for us Bisexuals, when we have that light. I know it almost sounds defeatist, but I don’t think it’s should come off as a bad thing. As a Bi Male or Female we see something more in the people we choose to romamce. And when I think of that, it comforts me just enough.

We choose people for being people, not because they sport a huge set of tits, or a big dong. But for the values they hold, their morals and view points. Yes like most relations there has to be attraction, but I can find beauty in both genders. Finding the inside perverbial sticky gooey goodness from a person from the inside is what drives us to be with them. I find that beautiful.

Hopefully that helps you, somehow.

But now I, hungry and want a Cadbury Egg. *bawk bawk bawk*

there’s also pressure from gay people against bisexuality- the same kind of shit that straight people show towards gay people. ironic. i came out as a lesbian in high school even though i was bisexual because i was MORE afraid of what my gay friends would think than what my straight religious school and family would think. people just like to hate on what they don’t understand. but it’s so SIMPLE…if you like someone, you like them. nothing outside of that should dictate what you do or feel. it’s just natural.

I get the same way with long term relationships! After dating a guy for a year, I am currently mostly attracted to women. When I was with my last girlfriend, on the other hand, I became very “straight” for a while. This confuses me so much. You’re the first person I’ve ever heard this from. I’m happy to know I’m not alone.

Every now and then I come back and read this comic. It sums up so well exactly how I feel. I find it so comforting.

And I adore you for it, Kate.

This comic was used in my sociology class the other day and I have now completed my quest on finding, well, where to find it and am currently going through the rest of your comics like I have withdrawal WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN MY WHOLE LIFE

I think my mom would take me more seriously if I were monosexual. I also feel that non-monosexuality isn’t given as much attention or, again, taken as seriously as homosexuality. It’s not fair! T.T

I’ve seen a ton of your comics before, and assumed you identify as bi, but didn’t ever see any of your comics specifically about bisexuality until today. This one specifically was so lovely to read! This is exactly how I have felt all my life. It is so hard to explain to people so, (guiltily) for the most part I just don’t. I talk openly about my sexuality while avoiding having to declare anything specific because people don’t seem to understand. This comic explains it all perfectly. I love it! Thanks so much for being so upfront about these things!

Oh thank god i finally see that somebody feels the same way i do. I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years and I feel very sexually attracted towards women but some men too. It’s hard because he is the only person i have ever dated so it’s just soo weird and painful.

Yeah, this was me a couple years ago. Why label it, though? I mean, really?

I’m gonna stick with pansexual. I like my sex in frying pans, sauce pans, skillets…

I’m kinky like that.

Great comic, by the way.

This is amazing, because it’s how I’ve always felt about my sexuality, too, and I never know quite what to say when people ask “so are you gay?” It’s really nice to know someone else feels this way, and personally I say we don’t need that one easy word to define who we are as long as we can be happy.

i love the lightbulb heart so much. If i ever get a tattoo(unlikely as i am allergic to pain), that is going on the short list of things it would be.

I’ve been having a really hard time with my own “labels”. I’m married and have a daughter, and I’m very much attracted to women. It really, then, feels like being queer totally doesn’t matter. Like that somehow when I settled down, my sexual identity got reformatted or something. What does it mean to be a queer man married to a woman? Why does it matter?

I dunno. Anyway, I love your comics. :)

This is the first comment I’m posting. I love your comics but this one is the best for me because you and I share the same sexual orientation, i.e. lack thereof. When I was like eleven I cut my hair short because it was so thick and long that it caused migraines. My mom took that as me coming out and asked me “Liz…do you like boys?” and at eleven years old I looked her straight in the eyes and said “Yeah mom, I like boys. But I could like a girl, or anything for that matter because I don’t care about what is between their legs. I care about what’s going on in their skull.” I don’t think my mom believed me until I moved in with my boyfriend who is a FtM transgender and I told her we’re probably going to get married because he is honestly the best thing ever. But yeah, long story short is this comic is basically me.

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