Little Ghost, part IX.

Here’s a short thing: Little Ghost is what I’m all about right now. I love making it, I love forcing myself to try new things and to draw recurring characters. It’s something I’d like to get good at. The story will meander, although I entirely have a plan for it, but it’s what I want to do.

I can’t make the personal, autobio comics here for awhile. I don’t know why, precisely. The last couple of years, while I’ve been doing them, people would always ask me how I could share all that personal stuff with the whole wide internet and I never really thought about it. Then, one day, I couldn’t. I got scared, I felt weird about exposing all that stuff to the world. I kept messing up. I kind of got worn out by fielding the intense responses that come with sharing intense things, both wonderfully positive and incredibly negative.

I just wanted to draw cute monsters.

People come up to me at shows, though, and talk to me about the real stuff. The comics about depression, about self-injury, about sexuality. Those are some of the most meaningful conversations I have. So, I mean, it’s not over. I’ll come back to it. I’ll get raw again, I’m sure – my emotions are way too much of a rollercoaster not to.

Right now, though, it’s cute mummies and ghosts having an adventure. I hope that’s okay with you, if anyone even reads this.

Scissorhands #1 comes out next week. Drew and I are recording a special Halloween episode of the podcast. I am so excited.

Snip snip!